Pieces of the Spectrum


This page will act like as a shelf, so to speak, for my characters. Whether they are old favorites, characters in progress, or brand new. The characters, or identities, that make up the spectrum that is I, that I have for my writing, will be listed here.

While the characters will be mentioned throughout my blog and I may write blog posts from the point-of-view of the characters themselves, giving them a chance to speak, their more in-depth bios will be here. I may even interview them and post the interviews here as well.

Check back frequently to get to know the characters that populate my worlds – the identities that populate the chaos inside my head.

Links not yet set up, please be patient.

Wolfenfire KE.png jm ECB TDR.png

Below is a picture of Saints Row Characters. If you have read the about me page, titled, Inside My Head page, you will know that my favorite – to the point of obsession – color is Purple.


The image is not mine and was obtained via a Google Image Search.