Time in the Spectrum


freedom-william-wallace-264x300As much as I would love to enjoy the freedom to continue writing every single day for the readers of my blog I have outside things that are a must to get done. So I am going to start publishing blogs posts every two days as opposed to every single day.

The only issue with life is there is not enough time for everything – the only problem with being a writer is that there is always an over-abundant amount of information being processed and to not write become a burden.

So while I do my best to write every single day I am going to put my blog on an every busy-full-calendarsecond-day cycle. Some days may contain many blog posts as I could have a lot to say, while others may contain only a few.

In time, I would like to get my blog onto an every day at least one new blog post. That is my goal. In the next day or so I will introduce other identities in my spectrum. While I have introduced Wolfenfire, I will also be starting blog posts by him to give people a glance into his world.

snoopy-readingThank you, readers, for being patient with me :). I will also start reviewing some stuff this weekend as well so keep an eye on my reviews section.

  • – Christopher

The Fire of the Wolfen


This will be one of the shortest posts I have made to date.

I have added the first of many identities to the blog. Wolfenfire had told a bit about himself. Click through the Pieces of the Spectrum page on the right and you will find a link to Wolfenfire’s story.

More posts from Wolfenfire will come in the future and more identities will be available through the Spectrum as their stories get told.

Check back often to learn more about other characters from my worlds.

Click here to Read Wolfenfire’s story

Pieces of the Spectrum [Update]


So this week I will be updating my ‘Pieces of the Spectrum’ page. I have created buttons that will link readers to the character they want to read and learn about.

Each character will have a direct link on the PotS page and each linked page will have images (1).jpgnothing but information about the character it pertains too. For now, to keep things less confusion, I will only create a post about a single character from each piece of writing I have done.

In time I may look into creating sections on each story world and post about secondary and minor characters and other information but for now, I will still with the head main character – or identity – for the story. The only exception is the Dragon Rider Chronicles because there are three main characters, the brothers.

So here is the beginning list, the first seven. I would have said Magnificent S*v*n, but I’m sure that has been copyrighted.

[In my best game show host voice….]


Introducing, all the way from the Northern Wilderness of Triminius,¬†Wolfenfire Drayven Tas’nar.

Next, we have, all the way from a port city on the eastern coast of the Free Lands, Khrystan Eldanbane.

We also have, from our side of the Split Worlds, Jakob Maverick.

Joining us from the alternative history, steampunk, Victorian era city near the Grand Canyon, Chronoborough, Eliza Clara Bridges.


And, last, but certainly not least we have the trio from the Kaigon Province from the world of Vangareth, the Dragon Riders, Quinn, Myls, and Llan.

You can learn about them and soon to be able to read their own entries into the Spectrum by clicking on their names on the Pieces of the Spectrum page.

  • Christopher