Inside My Head.


I guess this is the page where I tell you about who I am. I titled this “Inside My Head” because it is fitting. To know who I am, I need to let you inside my head. It’s a dangerous place, the mind of a writer. Filled to the brim with ideas, characters, places, knowledge [both useful and useless].

So let’s start with who I am.


My name is Christopher Breen. I used to use a pen name, Derrick E. Hawkley, but have decided to give up the pen name and just be me. I am a Canadian writer, born in the big ole city of Toronto, Ontario and living in the much smaller community of Thorold, Ontario.

For those who don’t know where Thorold is [saves me from being stalked], it’s somewhere near Niagara Falls. If you don’t know where Niagara Falls is, well, then I can’t help you.

I am Level 35 [Gamer Joke], have an amazing wife, and three amazing sons who are all gamers. I attended Brock University for many different courses and received my degree in Journalism from Niagara College. I am also LGBT, Pansexual – if you don’t know what that is, Google it and look for the proper definition.

I am a huge fan of RuPauls Drag Race and am absolute obsessed with the color Purple and Unicorns [don’t ask how my wife can put up with it].

My writing experience started when I was a young lad in Grade 2 at Dundas Public School in Toronto, Ontario, where I wrote and won awards for my first two short stories. From there it was like riding a rollercoaster through different worlds as different people. I loved reading more than anything, consuming book after book.

Throughout my childhood, I wrote many, many ‘[too many to count] poems and short stories. Some co-authored by cousins of mine.

When life got hard I turned to writing. When life reached it’s lowest point – and I gave it up.

But as many creative people will tell you, when you don’t express your creativity it eats at you. Not writing took a mental and physical toll. Sometimes I find that I need writing simply to live and without it – well I don’t want to know what the dark road that runs through that landscape looks like.

Well, I have had many poems published my greatest accomplishment came with the publication of my first [horribly written] short story: Shifter – A Killer of Many Faces, under the pseudonym Derrick E. Hawkley by Blood Moon Rising in 2007.

Surprisingly a lot of stuff that I created comes up when you search that name.

I have an unfinished piece of work called The Triminian Chronicles, a lifetime work, sitting at around 250,000 words or more.

And two finished books:
The Devils Trinity, self-published but self-removed as well. The Devils Trinity gives even me a headache at the grammar errors.

Threads of Chaos, not yet published and currently going through a major rewrite.

You can find me on Social Media:


Also on Facebook, I operate a group called LGBTQ+ Writers & Creatives

Guess that is a lot about me!