Welcome to the Spectrum


Thank you for stopping by a Spectrum of Identities. Whether you came here deliberately [which is scary enough] or accidentally, I welcome you.

This blog is set to be a recording of my thoughts and probably a one-stop shop to learn about who I am as a writer.


I plan to keep this blog filled with my thoughts and the thoughts of the spectrum of identities, or Characters, that I create. Somewhere on the web, I saw a posting where writers were creating social media accounts under the guise of one of their characters. To me, that is silly. Who has enough time to put down all the thoughts of their characters in multiple places – I sure don’t.

So to make it easier on myself I will just put all the thoughts and doings of the characters, or identities, I create as a writer – here – in one place.

Easy to manage. Easy to control. Easy to read.


As time goes on I may be a bit more in-depth with how much information or thoughts of particular character go onto this website by creating separate pages, but for now, anything specific character specific [say that 10 times fast] I will simply put the name of the character in the title of the post.

So, if you have managed to get through the confusion of this first post, and have not just clicked away, check out my About Me, called Inside My Head, page to learn about me [if you haven’t already] and then enjoy my blog.

  • Christopher Breen.